Jawed Habib Salon

Advanced Beauty Course-I


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Mon   Anatomy – Skin structure, function, different skin type  Skin disease, contraindications, client consultation Electricity & safety precuations- Theory   Demo on galvanic- Iontophoresis treatment, practice on same
Tues  Position & action of the head, neck, shoulder muscle Demo – skin analysis, identify indication & contraindication for treatment, Practice on consultation Revision on same Demo on galvanic- Desincrustion treatment, practice on same
Wed  Bones of the head, face, neck& shoulder, function of the nervous, circulatory Demo on bed & trolley preparation, practice on same Galvanic- Introduction, different treatments of galvanic for e.g. Iontophoresis, Desincrustation, machine knowledge Practice on galvanic
Thur Lymphatic system or head, face, neck & shoulder   Revision on Anatomy Treatment procedure, contraindication, contra- action, after care & home care Practice on galvanic
Fri Revision Revision on Anatomy   Revision on same/Group discussion Practice on galvanic
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