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6 Best Skin Care Tips for Enlarged Pores

Many women face enlarged pores and it is a common skin care concern.While you may have searched for a way to get rid of enlarged pores, unfortunately, it’s not actually possible to do so. So, there are skin care products and some home remedies you can use and steps you can take in your skin care routine to help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. There are also makeup tips you can try to help disguise the look of enlarged pores. Keep reading for more skin care tips for diminishing the look of enlarged pores.

  1. Washing the face both morning and evening.

Washing the face is basic skin care. Having a good face washing habit is essential. Washing the face every morning and evening helps to wash away oil and dirt from the pores, which helps to reduce their appearance.

  1. Choosing water-based products.

If a person has oily skin, they should ensure they use products that are water-based. Using water-based products avoids extra oil getting into the pores.

A person with oily skin and large pores should avoid oil-based products. These may lead to excess oil on the skin, making pores appear larger.

  1. Use an exfoliating facial cleanser.

A person with oily skin should exfoliate once or twice a week. Exfoliating cleanser helps to remove things from the pores that can block them. This includes:

  • dirt
  • dead skin cells
  • excess oil

Once a day, squeeze a small amount of the cleanser into your hands, then gently massage it onto your face using circular motions before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water and patting skin dry.

  1. Moisturize morning and night.

The idea of moisturizing oily skin may be counterintuitive. However, it can help to reduce pore enlargement.

 Moisturizers hydrate and soften the skin. This allows the sebum to penetrate deeper into the skin, rather than sit in the pores on the surface.

In this way, moisturizing prevents pores becoming clogged with oil, reducing their appearance.

  1. Add a facemask to your skin care routine. 

You can use clay mask in your skin care routine because it helps to remove oil from the pores. This can prevent them from becoming enlarged, and reduce their appearance.

  1. Wearing sunscreen

A broad-spectrum sunscreen can also make a difference in your pores. Prevent sun damage by applying a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day—regardless of the season, the temperature outside, or even your skin tone.

As per a bonus tip never skip or forget to use primer before applying makeup. Applying primer can help to create a smooth and also helps to covers a pore in your skin.

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